Robertson Prize

since 2011, Boldface has been delighted to run a competition specifically designed for Boldface participants.  Each year participants may submit any prose and poetry work-shopped during the conference to the Robertson Prize.

winners of the prize, judged by Boldface faculty, receive cash prizes and publication in our prestigious Glass Mountain Literary Journal.

 Congratulations to our 2017 Winners

Poetry | Winner: Clarity Lim’s “How to Eat”

Runner up: Emily Shearer’s “Ars Poetica”

Fiction| Winner: Victoria Hodge Lightman’s “Tales: Some True, Some Not”

Runner up: Yanis Bratlien’s “Two Days Until the Death of Smail Benflis”

Check out our 2017 winners in Glass Mountain #19, out NOW

2016 Robertson Prize Winners

Merideth Melville, nonfiction winner

Merideth Melville lives in Houston, TX by way of Wantagh, NY (with stopovers in El Paso, San Antonio, Dallas and Austin, where she earned a BS in Radio/TV/Film from UT).  Four sisters, three film businesses, two ex-husbands, one bankruptcy, a twelve-year-old son and a new relationship with an old flame provide plenty of fodder for her non-fiction writing.  Check out her website/blog,


Victoria Marino, nonfiction runner-up

Victoria Marino was born in Philadelphia and grew up in Broomall Pennsylvania. Currently, she is a senior at West Chester University studying Communications. Her favorite book is Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and she is extremely passionate about writing. ​


Diantha Sneed, fiction winner

Diantha Sneed grew up with a story-telling father and she has always loved telling stories. Recently she started participating in writing workshops at Inprint in Houston.  Connecting and collaborating with other writers has inspired her, and she plans to continue this work.  She lives in Houston with her husband and two children.


Erika Walsh, fiction runner-up

Erika Walsh is a junior at Ithaca College, where she studies Writing with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. She was raised on Long Island, NY. Erika penned her first short novel, a groundbreaking narrative detailing the life of a family of blueberry picking robots, when she was four years old. Besides writing, she enjoys learning new things, making collages, deconstructing social norms, riding bicycles, looking at the moon, contributing to the takedown of the patriarchy, and petting cats.


Brooke Lightfoot, poetry winner

Brooke Lightfoot graduated from the University of Houston, May 2014, with her Bachelors in English Literature. She was a finalist for the 2012 Gulf Coast Undergraduate Fellowship in Poetry. She also served as an Editorial Assistant and then Business Manager for Gulf Coast Literary Journal. Her poetry has been published in H_NGM_N journal and photography has been published in Houstonia Magazine.


Hakeem Hopper-Collins, poetry runner-up

Hakeem Hopper-Collins is a Writing Major at Ithaca College. He writes under the pen name ‘hakeem anthony’ and has been published by “States of Mind” in Ithaca. His Robertson piece was revised after a one-on-one meeting with a Boldface faculty member.